E-mail: Lindsay at Nomadderwhere dot com

+1.646.257.3984 / Skype: lclark.tgs

Born in Wabash, Lindsay Clark is a native to Indiana but has spent much of her young adulthood being semi-nomadic and traveling the world. She graduated with honors from Indiana University’s Henry Radford Hope College of the Arts with a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History.

Post-graduation, Clark spent her life savings to explore 24 countries on three continents for seven months. In 2009, she won the World Traveler Internship from STA Travel to document 2.5 months of extensive travel for a marketing campaign – for which she produced 29 short travel videos, 2500+ photographs, and 56 articles. Clark self-started a volunteer project with a friend in the highlands of Fiji, creating 26 short videos to publicize the experience.

Subsequently, she functioned as the producer, editor, shooter, and photographer for ProjectExplorer, producing more than 100 short films for students and young adults. In addition to this, she worked with a team of three to curate the media and media-centric literature on the Matador Network, the world’s largest independent travel publication.

Today, Clark is the Media Specialist at THINK Global School, the world’s first nomadic high school that spans six continents over the course of four years to give international students a truly global education. She’s the creator and writer of Nomadderwhere.com–a travel website focused on the art and concept of travel–a freelance photographer, and a speaker in third person.